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In Swedish

Martin Svensson was born in Trelleborg in 1978 and grew up in Svedala, just outside Malmö in south Sweden. He got in to music rather late, not until his older brother came home from school with a guitar, he was then about 12 years old. He grew up in a family where music was important, everything from jazz to heavy metal was heard. It didn't take long until Martin had taken over the guitar and played in all kinds of bands, everything from covers to death metal. Just like most of the contemporary composers that started out as rock musicians, Martin started to write more and more technically demanding songs." The weirder the song got, the stranger the band members looked at me"

When he started at music high school in Malmö (with guitar as main instrument) he got introduced to jazz and the world of improvisation that went well together with the band Morgondag that he joined in 1996, whose influences were the 70´s Yes and Genesis. It was also during high school Martin got more and more interested in classical harmony and theory, he thought it was more fun to study barock counterpoint than transcribing guitar solos and the interest for playing guitar started to cool off.

After high school he studied musicology at Lund University for 2 semesters and held guitar classes. He did also tooke private lessons in composition for Mattias Svensson during the spring of 1998. That same autumn he got accepted at Gotland school of music, were he studied composition in two years for Sven-David Sandstöm, Per Mårtensson and Henrik Strindberg. The last semester Mattias Svensson started to teach there and is now head of the education department at the school.

It was two intense but productive years, a new world of sounds and timbres that he never toughed was possible opened up to him. "One of the reasons that I were so productive was the close collaboration with musicians on the island, I immediately got response for what I wrote".
During the two years at Gotland school of composition he wrote a number of different pieces (including jazz arrangements to the local big band). A few that could be mentioned are In Su that he wrote to the Swedish chamber ensemble Sonazna. The orchestra piece I den nya tiden (In the new age) that won first price in a contest for young composers announced by the symphony orchestra in Umeå and Liquidations, written to Gotlands blåsorkster (brass band) and dancers with choreography by Helena Högberg.

The autumn of 2000 Martin was back in Malmö and started the 7-years composition education at the academy of music. The first three years Rolf Martinsson taught in composition, he studied electro-acoustic music with Kent Olofsson, and counterpoint, ear-training and orchestration was taught by Björn-Tryggve Johansson. During the last years Martin studied composition with professor Luca Francesconi and Kent Olofsson.


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