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In Swedish

Here can you read about Martins projects and performances

Current Projects

- Piece to Stefan Östersjö for altoguitar and electronics.

- Since a while back Martin is part of Roastinghouse Studio and is active in Studio 2. For more info visit:

- You can now find Martin at MySpace:

- Watch movie (Realplayer) from the work with the stringarrangments for A.C.T`s latest album "Silence"

Coming Performances


- Febuary 20, Miniatures for Charango & Bassflute will receive its first performance by Stefan Östersjö and Terje Thiwång in Newcastle, England.

- Miniatures for Charango & Bassflute will be performed at the manifestation for CoMa in Växjö on June 12.

- The art of war noise can be seen at Sommarscenen in Malmö, in Mellanhedsparken, August 11.

- October 12, Das Orchester will give Strained its first performance at Interart Center during the Connectfestivalen in Malmö. Musicians: Kerstin Frödin, Chrichan Larson and Ivo Nilsson.

2008 - 2009

- The piece Bits & Pieces will have its first preformance by BIT20 Ensemble in Stresa, Italy

- December 9th 2008, In Su will be performed in Härnösand by Sonaza

- Chained for recorder & electronics will have its first performance by Kerstin Frödin at a portrait concert of Martin Svensson, arranged by Lunds Chambermusic society at Skissernas Museum, Lund.
Other pieces that will be performed are Bagatell, Escape, Interactions and Fuge, and then some which involve Terje Thiwång (flutes), Björn Edqvist (trumpet), Lars Ljungberg (percussion) and Anders Danman (cembalo).

- Fuge and then some will be performed by Anders Danman in at Hans Egedes in Copenhagen, June 14th.

- Chained will be performed by Kerstin Frödin on September 26th in Stockholm

- The Art of War Noise will have its premier on November 14th & 15th by ensemble Ars Nova and Teatr Weimar. Location: Båghallarna, Malmö. For more info:


- Tre facce will be performed at Sirènfestivalen in Gothenburg between 14-17th of March.

- Interlude will be performed on August 27th with ensemble Ars Nova at ICMC in Copenhagen.

- September 6th MSO will perform Martin´s graduationpiece Embryo conducted by Andrè de Ridder at the concerthall in Malmö.

- During SoundAround musicians from Ars Nova will perform Soundscape & improvisation no 1 on October 13th at Inkonst in Malmö.


- On January 28th "In Su" will be performed in Sarajevo and Febuary 3rd in Dubrovnik, conducted by Jan Risberg.

- The chamberopera "Sälskinnet" will have it´s first performance April 7th and shows are scheduled for two months. More info and tickets are available at Kulturcentralen.

- On April 19th Martin will have the tapepiece "Identities" performed and do a live-performance with operasinger Christina Larsson, trash-performanceartist Elisabeth Werthner and artists Agneta Strindinger and Stine Kildevang at Inkonst in Malmö.

- "Tre facce" will be performed at Academy of Music in Malmö April 20th.

- 27th April "Tre facce" will be performed at Jeriko in Malmö.

- "Tre facce" will be performed at the UNM-Festival in Copenhagen August 26th.

- "Interlude" will later this year be performed by ensemble Ars Nova and soloist Terje Thiwång.


"Reconstruction" will be performed by Terje Thiwång and Helsingborg symphony orchestra on May 20th in Helsingborg concerthall.

At the film festival Skånska Filmdagar in Malmö between May 28th- 29th the movie "Making Stars" will be showed, with music composed by Martin and Tomas Erlandsson.

"Deliverance" and "Escape" will be performed at the yearly UNM-festival, held this year in Helsinki, Finland.

October 30 "Deliverance" will be performed at Palladium in Malmö.

Marathonpiece "Staff 1", between Malmö Academy of Music and Conservatory in Copenhagen for electric-cello will be premiéred November 2 in the concerthall at the Conservatory in Copenhagen and opens with music by Martin Svensson, performed by Mattias Rodrick.

"Deliverance" and "Tre facce" for tape will be performed at GlobusBar in Berlin November 3.

"Staff 1" will be perfomed at Jeriko in Malmö on November 21.

"Interlude" piece for altoflute, ensemble and tape has it´s first performance December 3 in Växjö and performed December 4 in Malmö with Terje Thiwång and Ensemble Ars Nova. Terje will also perform
"Escape" at both concerts.


Mars 2nd "Escape" will be broadcasted in Swedish Radio P2 between 19.30-21.00

The tape-piece "Deliverance" will be performed at The Academy of Music in Malmö on April 27 at 19.30

May 8 at 15.00 "Deliverance" will be performed at Jeriko in Malmö

"Tre små fåglar" first performance in Ärentuna kyrka at 18.00, June 13 (Trio Aurora) Also performed:
- June 23 in Sundsvalls kyrka (Trio Aurora)
- June 24 in Trönö kyrka (Trio Aurora)
- June 25 in Tuna kyrka (Trio Aurora)
- June 27 in Kalmar kyrka, Bålsta (Trio Aurora)

November 18th at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, during a lunchconcert "Escape" will be performed by Caroline Bengtsson (flute) and the piece "Interactions" by Björn Edqvist(trumpet) and Johan Westerberg(percussion)

On the 19 november August Strinberg`s play "Ett drömspel" will have premiér at Bryggeriteatern in Malmö were Martin & Tomas Erlandsson have arranged the music. Read more here.... (In Swedish)